Semra Michaels grew up with two loves – GOD & MUSIC.

A passion for music whilst finding the true heart of God.

An amazing journey of faith, hope and courage that moved Heaven and Earth. 


Can you hear me call? from Semra Michaels on Vimeo.


 "I was a Muslim then I found Truth"


An amazing chronicle of real life illustrations, personal trauma and inspiring victorious challenges! 


At the age of 6, her passion for music and performing began in dance, which soon moved onto singing and playing instruments.  However, whilst on this journey of music perfection and discovery she was introduced to some unsavoury supernatural characters that changed the course of her life forever!


As she struggled through different faiths in trying to find the answers to life, the traditions of the past clashed with the competing measures of the modern world and the supernatural forces, which constantly screamed for her attention!


A hearts desire for all things supernatural, and a musical career to support this, would all come together in a ministry to help others fulfil their full potential in the truth.


An amazing journey of faith, transformation, and hope, and deliverance from the confines of the darkness into the light.


Called to a higher purpose we represent her book “I was a Muslim then I found Truth" to inspire, encourage and bring hope in a lost and dark world.